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Canon rumors: Canon EOS 80D coming soon

Canon rumors: Canon EOS 80D with new AF system and 28MP Sensor?

Fantastic Canon Rumor. Are you ready to change your current DSLR camera with Canon EOS 80D?

Perhaps you already know the rumors about the Canon EOS 80D. Now the rumor is getting stronger, where there is information about the specifications of the EOS 80D features that this camera will be equipped with a 28MP sensor. If this is true, then the Canon 80D will have a greater resolution than the Canon EOS 70D, which has a 20.2MP APS-C 'Dual Pixels CMOS AF "sensor. Then, what is unique and significant differences from both cameras?
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Canon rumor: Canon EOS 80D. Image:
Also reported that the Canon EOS 80D is supposed to be the successor to the 70D, the Canon 80D which will be launched in 2016. Meanwhile, the camera's image processor crowded rumored that this will be reinforced with DIGIC 6+ or 7. It's a great improvement that will make the 80D increasingly attractive to review further before any official news from Canon.

There is also information that the Canon 80D will be supported with continuous shooting mode upto 8 frames per seconds. To enable users to transfer images, the DSLR camera will be equipped with buil-in Wi-Fi and NFC. Which is expected by the enthusiast Canon is more powerful specifications, as mentioned below:

24 MP or 28MP APS-C Sensor
DIGIC Image Processor or higher 6+
Full-HD or 4K video recording
Between 8-10 FPS
ISO (100-25600 Expandable)
65-Point AF System (Similar to the EOS 7D Mark II)
Articulated Touch Screen
Two Memory Card Slots
WiFi with NFC

According to Canon EOS 80D will be enriched with anti-flickering technology, as found on the EOS 7D Mark II. Because the 80D is a mid-level DSLR, then most likely the anti-flickering feature will not be installed on this camera, but it seems you'll get features Pixel Dual AF, which will support the auto focus system to more quickly and accurately.

Perhaps the EOS 80D also features a focus peaking on board which have been introduced on the Canon EOS M3. Strongly recommended also that the 80D is also equipped with 49-point autofocus system that will include hybrid CMOS AF III technology. According to the EOS 70D is the first DSLR to come packed with dual pixel CMOS AF, so it is natural for the 80D to feature this sort of technology. The site also reported that this camera will have a 3-inch articulated LCD touch screen and full HD video recording. This is good news because it will be easier when making a photo or video clip.
Canon rumor, Canon EOS 80D specs, Canon EOS 80D rumors, 28 megapixel sensor, Pixel Dual AF, focus peaking, anti-flickering, DIGIC 7
New Canon 80D coming soon?  Image:
Actually there are other rumors circulating, that the Canon EOS 80D will have a 34 megapixel sensor. But it's still we can be sure, as you can read on, the 80D will be armed with Dual-pixel AF CMOS technology, and the Hybrid CMOS AF sensor tech is limited to entry-level and mid-entry level series (750D and EOS700D). 

Whatever rumors you hear and read, then the expectations of the followers of Canon is the EOS 80D does not have to be sold at high prices, because there are many cameras MFT or DSLM camera which also has the technology and a variety of interesting features, even some models can be used to make 4K video. 

By the way, rather than confused by a variety of Canon Rumors, we are just waiting for an official statement from Canon, and hopefully as soon as possible.


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