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Nikon D750 with 24MP full-frame CMOS sensor plus Wi-Fi

If you're looking for a digital SLR camera that gives you the freedom to be creative, the Nikon D750 is an ideal choice.  The D750 is a powerful camera to full-frame 24.3-megapixel gives you the freedom to dare. The new sensor provides a wide dynamic range combined to shoot well defined with any value of sensitivity to give photos of amazing sharpness and richness of tone. This camera also has HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature that combines two images captured with a single shutter release to create detailed images of high-contrast scenes.
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Nikon D750 specs. Image: 
Nikon also claim that the FX-format sensor on D750 is newly designed that guarantees exceptional image quality with sharper results, as never before, with high values of ISO sensitivity. AF performance extremely sensitive, speed continuous shooting up to 6.5 fps and full HD movie recording at 1080 / 60p accompany the tilt monitor to ensure complete freedom of expression. The Wi-Fi built-in simplifies instant sharing of photos impressive.

Nikon D750 is designed for creative photographers and videographers. The D750 is equipped with a 24MP full-frame CMOS sensor, 51-point Multi-CAM 3500FX II AF system, Picture Control System, and various other features, and buil-in Wi-Fi. This camera is the main competitor for the various types of Canon EOS.

Nikon D750 major specifications:

24MP Full-frame CMOS sensor (with AA filter)
6.5 fps continuous shooting
Improved 51-point Multi-CAM 3500FX II AF system (sensitive to -3EV)
91,000-pixel RGB metering sensor with face detection and spot-metering linked to AF point
Highlight-weighted metering
1080/60p video recording
Powered aperture for control during live view/video
Group Area AF mode
Flip up/down 3.2" 1,229k-dot RGBW LCD screen
Simultaneous internal recording and HDMI output
Picture Control System: Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Portrait, Landscape, Flat; selected Picture Control can be modified; storage for custom Picture Controls
Built-in Wi-Fi

Nikon D750 is a compact DSLR camera, lightweight and slim body with a deep grip widens the field of usage. And the tilting LCD monitor further expands the freedom of shooting angles. You can use the D750 to create movie or video clips with high-speed, high-precision sequential control employing four motors achieves continuous shooting at up to 6.5 fps and power aperture control during movie recording.

If you choose the D750 as your new companion you will enjoy newly developed image sensor and EXPEED 4 achieve superior high-ISO performance that surpasses even that of the Nikon D810. This camera is equipped 51-point AF system employing a newly developed AF sensor module ensures smooth AF even in low-light situations. Another great news for you, Nikon D750 also has has amazing metering and exposure control system equivalent to the D4S and D810 utilizing a 91K-pixel RGB sensor that enables the Advanced Scene Recognition System as well as highlight-weighted metering.
Nikon D750 specs, Nikon D750 review, HDR, Full HD video, full-frame camera, professional camera, New DSLR camera, New Nikon DSLR
Nikon D750. Image:
The D750 also equipped with Picture Control System, so you can complete control over sharpening, contrast, brightness, hue and saturation when taking photos and video.

Easy post-production with the Uniform setting for maximum dynamic range; fine-tuning the details with the setting Clarity. Settings can be adjusted visually during filming, which are simplified with the ability to save the various options of movies and photos in a dedicated menu. It seems this camera is the best choice for beginners and semi-professional photographers to create a variety of photo and video, which is not only sharp and high resolution. You can freely create freely at any time you need it.

With built-in Wifi on D750, then you have a very fast tool to share your vision. Loaded extraordinary pictures full frame via smartphones or tablet compatible. Simply download the Wireless Mobile Utility on your smart device.

This camera can be a major competitor for some types of Canon EOS, like the EOS 760, even Canon EOS 6D and the EOS 5D Mark III. You can find information about the comparison of the Nikon D750 at various sites in the Intenet, or you can read the leading photography magazines.


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