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Simple guide before buying a DSLR camera for wedding photos

Do you want to make money in the world of photography? With an reasonably priced DSLR camera, you can start a new business on a pre-wedding photo or wedding party. Get simple tips and solutions now. 

Photography business run by a lot of photography lovers, both beginners and professionals. In addition to singing hobby, photography is also a hobby that can be used as a money machine. Actually, make photos for weddings or special occasions and photo documentation is not necessary with high capital. On this occasion I would like to share tips on choosing the right digital SLR camera to photograph the wedding, of course also for pre-wedding photo shoot. This is a special tips for beginners with a moderate capital or affordable price.
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Pre-wedding photo shoot in Bali. Image:
The number of products lens and DSLR cameras can make us confused to choose the right model or type. Therefore, in choosing a lens or a DSLR camera should be in accordance with the needs. We should ensure that the camera and lens that we will buy in the long run will provide a profit to us, is not just a break-even.
Pre-wedding photo tips, tips before buy DSLR camera, new Canon DSLR, New Nikon DSLR, camera guide, Canon vs Nikon
Photo wedding in Queenstown, New Zealand. Image:
When you choose a lens or a DSLR camera, you must be observant so that if you are going to upgrade to the new version, the old camera and lens used can be easily sold. 

If possible, you can trade-in with a certain camera store. For specific lens you can bear to use in the long term. Since then and up to now DSLR cameras and lenses that many commonly used is Nikon & Canon.Tentu you can choose other brands such as Sony, Pentax, Panasonic, Olympus and others. But that is widely used among photographers today are cameras and lenses produced by Nikon and Canon. Options in the Canon or Nikon is a realistic option.

You need to note, that in order to do business in the world of photography you do not have to buy the latest version of the camera. You can choose the version that was launched one year or two years ago. In terms of technology and features they are not too far away with newer versions. You can save more money, so you can invest in lenses and other accessories. 
Pre-wedding photo tips, tips before buy DSLR camera, new Canon DSLR, New Nikon DSLR, camera guide, Canon vs Nikon
Nikon vs Canon. Image:

Why is that? Additional lenses such as fixed lens, zoom lens, or telephoto you do not have to sell because they can be mounted on the new cameras in the future. You only need to take care of the lens of your collection so it is not easy to moldy or fall, which could affect the quality of your photos.

I do not intend to discriminate against other brands, but Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras is the right choice for beginners if you want serious wedding photo. You can choose the Canon EOS 1200D, 550D, 600D, 650D, and 700D or a newer version, of course with the use of standard 18-55mm lens on a Canon entry-level weaknesses. Standard lens which is part of the package, usually vulnerable to its autofocus. Therefore you need to have an additional lens. If you choose a Canon EOS 700D or 750D, then you will get photos with the result, which is closer to a professional camera. You can edit your photos before you print them, so that your customers are satisfied with your work.
Pre-wedding photo tips, tips before buy DSLR camera, new Canon DSLR, New Nikon DSLR, camera guide
Cinematic wedding photo in India. Image:
With the same approach, you can choose the Nikon D3100, D3200, D3300, Nikon D5300 or D5500. Nikon recognized that the beginners class is durable. The photos produced are sharp. In contrast to the standard lens that you get from Canon, it turns out that you get the standard lens from Nikon has a higher durability compared to Canon, which of course depends on the usage. But still, you have to prepare money to buy additional lenses that can be used in accordance with the concept of pre-wedding photos that you have agreed with the prospective bride and groom.

Besides the lens, you need to have other accessories like reflectors, flash, and other tools that can support your business. Do not forget to recruit assistants who understand photography as well as other aspects, so that you can be successful in the business of wedding photos.


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