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Showing posts with label new Canon DSLR. Show all posts

Canon EOS 800D / EOS Rebel T7i simple review for budding photographers

Despite the tight competition from Nikon and various brands of smartphones that have qualified photographic capabilities, Canon remains rigid to launch the latest digital cameras. You probably already know the launch of the Canon EOS 800D or Rebel T7i. Canon also tempt you with a Canon EOS 77D and EOS M6, M6 is where Canon EOS series mirrorless camera, which is specifically aimed at those who want to bring light sized camera but capable of producing images as well as professional cameras.

If you have plans to buy a new digital camera, one of the above mentioned cameras may be an option for you to use as a travel companion, a photography business or to make a video, which may be uploaded to YouTube. By the way, which will be your favorite?
EOS Kiss X9i, Canon EOS 800D, EOS Rebel T7i, Pixel Dual AF, Full HD video, new Canon DSLR, canon review
Canon EOS 800D. Image: camerajabber.com
However, if you begin to seriously pursue the world of photography, it looks like the Canon EOS 800D or also known as the EOS Rebel T7i could be a good start.

The EOS 800D is designed to continue the tradition of a DSLR camera for beginners. The 800D has been equipped with dual pixel AF autofocus technology, which is faster when you use for live view and video recording. The good news is, the phase detection autofocus system in the EOS 800D is also updated to 45 points which is more sensitive in dark light conditions.

Canon EOS 800D is a true renewal of Canon's 750D series. If you still have the EOS 750D, you can only perform an upgrade to the 800D, but you better not buy additional lenses that you have today. However, if you insist, the presence of the 800D in your camera bag also be interesting. You need to know both the Canon 800D and 77D share almost identical technical specifications such as a sensor and processor used.
EOS Kiss X9i, Canon EOS 800D, EOS Rebel T7i, Pixel Dual AF, Full HD video, new Canon DSLR, canon review
Canon EOS 800D vs 77D vs M6 Mirrorles. Image: gadgets.ndtv.com
The EOS 800D comes with a 24.2 MP CMOS with Dual Pixel AF and Canon's latest image processor, DIGIC 7. Focus System: 45 point focus (cross type) | Dual Pixel CMOS AF which is useful when focusing with live view. This feature will indeed be advantageous for novice photographers as well as for those who have experienced.

EOS Kiss X9i, Canon EOS 800D, EOS Rebel T7i, Pixel Dual AF, Full HD video, new Canon DSLR, canon review
Canon EOS Rebel T7i. Image: dpreview.com
If you are interested to have a Canon EOS 800D, then you will be happy, especially if this is your first camera. Why? The 800D is bundled with a new kit lens, 18-55mm f / 4-5.6 IS STM, with the smaller shape, but with a maximum aperture of f / 4 instead of f / 3.5.

The price of this camera can be said interesting, especially when you compare it with the professional series. For the serious novice photographer will practice good photography for hobby or for making money, then the 800D is an excellent choice. Of course you can compare it with similar cameras from Nikon, Sony or Panasonic.

According to techradar.com A host of improvements, including a new graphical interface to help beginners, should see the EOS Rebel T7i / 800D quickly become a firm favourite with new users looking for a well-spec'd and easy to use DSLR.

Techradar.com also mentioned that the 800D: User-friendly interface
Polished touchscreen control 45-point AF system. 

The Wikipedia (en.wikipedia.org) also give some note about the EOS 800D, known in Americas as the EOS Rebel T7i and in Japan as the EOS Kiss X9i as follows:

Compared to the EOS 750D/Rebel T6i, several modifications were made, including:

New 24.2-megapixel CMOS sensor with Dual Pixel CMOS AF, instead of Hybrid CMOS AF III.
45 cross-type AF points, compared to 19.
DIGIC 7, standard ISO 100–25600, H:51200 (DIGIC 6, ISO 100–12800, H:25600 on the 760D)
High-speed Continuous Shooting at up to 6.0 fps
Built-in Bluetooth.
1080p at 60/50 fps video recording capability
Movie Electronic IS
Built-in HDR and time-lapse recording capability (new software)
15 Custom Functions with 44 settings settable with the camera
By default, the 800D uses Canon's standard UI, but if desired, it can be switched to the more beginner-friendly graphic UI also found in the new 77D.
Compatible with Bluetooth remote BR-E1

To find out more about the Canon EOS 800D course you need to visit your favorite camera shop, and you can compare it with the EOS 77D, even with other branded cameras like the Nikon D5600 or the equivalent of Sony, Panasonic or Olympus. You can feel the texture, weight, size and ask for more details to shopkeepers. Be sure to look at the ulasanya renowned photography magazine or website that specifically addresses the camera and its comparison.

Canon 80D is a great combination of light weight Canon Rebel with 7D Mark II

There is tremendous news for Canon camera fans around the world. You will receive a replacement for the Canon EOS 70D. Japanese company is ready to launch the 80D. According kenrockwell.com, this latest camera  is a great combination of the light weight of the Canon Rebel DSLRs, with most of the advanced controls of the top of the line cameras like the 7D Mk II. Canon 80D is a marvelously competent camera that's also lightweight and inexpensive, which is why it's so popular. 

Canon EOS 80D key specs:

24MP APS-C CMOS sensor with Dual Pixel AF
45-point AF system with all cross-type points
1080/60p video capture
3" 1.04M-dot articulating touchscreen
7 fps continuous shooting with AF
Weather-resistant body
7560-pixel RGB+IR Metering Sensor
Wi-Fi + NFC
Canon 80D, new Canon DSLR, Canon vs Nikon,
Canon 80D. Image: newsshooter.com

Although Canon 80D has no GPS and without face recognition, you will enjoy the
automatic correction of lens lateral chromatic aberration, distortion and corner light falloff. According imaging-resource.com this latest camera has very good image quality; Better RAW high ISO performance than predecessor; Improved buffer depth; Very fast AF; Dual Pixel CMOS AF is excellent; f/8 AF support; 1080/60p video; Headphone jack; Very good battery life. 

Another great news; dpreview.com also mentioned that Canon 80D marks a significant step forward in Canon's sensor development, offering much better DR than the 70D or 7D Mark II. 

If you are ready to upgrade your DSLR camera, the Canon EOS 80D is available now for a body-only price of £999/€1199/US$1199. Kitted with Canon's new EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens, the 80D will run you $1799. Kitted with the EF-S 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 IS STM lens, the 80D will run $1349/£1089. However, before you decide to choose this camera, you can compare the 80D with Nikon D7200, Sony A6300, Panasonic GH4 or mirrorless camera. 

Simple guide before buying a DSLR camera for wedding photos

Do you want to make money in the world of photography? With an reasonably priced DSLR camera, you can start a new business on a pre-wedding photo or wedding party. Get simple tips and solutions now. 

Photography business run by a lot of photography lovers, both beginners and professionals. In addition to singing hobby, photography is also a hobby that can be used as a money machine. Actually, make photos for weddings or special occasions and photo documentation is not necessary with high capital. On this occasion I would like to share tips on choosing the right digital SLR camera to photograph the wedding, of course also for pre-wedding photo shoot. This is a special tips for beginners with a moderate capital or affordable price.
Pre-wedding photo tips, tips before buy DSLR camera, new Canon DSLR, New Nikon DSLR, camera guide, Canon vs Nikon
Pre-wedding photo shoot in Bali. Image: 3datu.com
The number of products lens and DSLR cameras can make us confused to choose the right model or type. Therefore, in choosing a lens or a DSLR camera should be in accordance with the needs. We should ensure that the camera and lens that we will buy in the long run will provide a profit to us, is not just a break-even.
Pre-wedding photo tips, tips before buy DSLR camera, new Canon DSLR, New Nikon DSLR, camera guide, Canon vs Nikon
Photo wedding in Queenstown, New Zealand. Image: simplyperfect.co.nz
When you choose a lens or a DSLR camera, you must be observant so that if you are going to upgrade to the new version, the old camera and lens used can be easily sold. 

If possible, you can trade-in with a certain camera store. For specific lens you can bear to use in the long term. Since then and up to now DSLR cameras and lenses that many commonly used is Nikon & Canon.Tentu you can choose other brands such as Sony, Pentax, Panasonic, Olympus and others. But that is widely used among photographers today are cameras and lenses produced by Nikon and Canon. Options in the Canon or Nikon is a realistic option.

You need to note, that in order to do business in the world of photography you do not have to buy the latest version of the camera. You can choose the version that was launched one year or two years ago. In terms of technology and features they are not too far away with newer versions. You can save more money, so you can invest in lenses and other accessories. 
Pre-wedding photo tips, tips before buy DSLR camera, new Canon DSLR, New Nikon DSLR, camera guide, Canon vs Nikon
Nikon vs Canon. Image: cameradecision.com

Why is that? Additional lenses such as fixed lens, zoom lens, or telephoto you do not have to sell because they can be mounted on the new cameras in the future. You only need to take care of the lens of your collection so it is not easy to moldy or fall, which could affect the quality of your photos.

I do not intend to discriminate against other brands, but Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras is the right choice for beginners if you want serious wedding photo. You can choose the Canon EOS 1200D, 550D, 600D, 650D, and 700D or a newer version, of course with the use of standard 18-55mm lens on a Canon entry-level weaknesses. Standard lens which is part of the package, usually vulnerable to its autofocus. Therefore you need to have an additional lens. If you choose a Canon EOS 700D or 750D, then you will get photos with the result, which is closer to a professional camera. You can edit your photos before you print them, so that your customers are satisfied with your work.
Pre-wedding photo tips, tips before buy DSLR camera, new Canon DSLR, New Nikon DSLR, camera guide
Cinematic wedding photo in India. Image: srcinematicweddings.com
With the same approach, you can choose the Nikon D3100, D3200, D3300, Nikon D5300 or D5500. Nikon recognized that the beginners class is durable. The photos produced are sharp. In contrast to the standard lens that you get from Canon, it turns out that you get the standard lens from Nikon has a higher durability compared to Canon, which of course depends on the usage. But still, you have to prepare money to buy additional lenses that can be used in accordance with the concept of pre-wedding photos that you have agreed with the prospective bride and groom.

Besides the lens, you need to have other accessories like reflectors, flash, and other tools that can support your business. Do not forget to recruit assistants who understand photography as well as other aspects, so that you can be successful in the business of wedding photos.

Canon EOS 1300D or Rebel T7 for serious novice photographer

Are you looking for a DSLR camera? If you are a beginner, you can choose the Canon EOS 1300D / Rebel T7, which is designed for anyone who wants to switch from compact cameras, even those of you who had been so preoccupied with the existing camera on your smartphone. Now is the time you turn to professionals in the field of photography.

In addition to Nikon, Canon turned out to be very consistent to spoil the beginner photographer, as evidenced by the launch of the Canon EOS 1300D as a replacement for the EOS 1200D, which also proved to be successful in the competitive digital camera, and smartphones that increasingly serious to enhance their camera features. However, most of photographers definitely more satisfied when using a real digital camera like the Canon 1300D. Perhaps, Nikon had anticipated will get competition from the 1300D, especially on the Nikon D5300, so you will enjoy the battle between the Canon vs. Nikon.
Canon EOS 1300D, Rebel T7, canon camera, canon digital camera, New DSLR camera, DSLR camera, new Canon DSLR
Canon EOS 1300D. Image: canoncamera2015.com

Although the Canon EOS 1300D is designed for users who are just starting a new hobby as a photographer, but you will see this DSLR camera has interesting features. The Canon EOS 1300D / Rebel T7 has an 18 megapixel sensor and  features a maximum resolution of 5184×3456. 

The sensor technology used in the  EOS 1300D or Rebel T7 is CMOS, and this is mated to a DIGIC 4 processor. Canon EOS 1300D is equipped with sRGB, AdobeRGB color space with primary color filter array. The uncompressed image format is RAW, fine and normal being its JPEG image quality levels.

If you choose Rebel T7 or EOS 1300D as your new companion you can maximize the manual zoom of up to 9 points of focus. This compact SLR camera has a fixed articulated LCD of size 3″ which allows for live view. You can try to make great pictures because the Canon EOS 1300 D has variety of exposure mode including; Scene Intelligent, Auto, Program, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Manual.

By having this new camera, you do not have to sell your old Canon lenses, because it can be attached to the EOS 1300D, so you can save your money, and you can use to buy the lens size or other types. The Canon EOS 1300D / Rebel T7 is a fantastic solution for people who want to try out professional photography without having to splurge on a high end camera.

You can make a Canon EOS1300D or Rebel T7 as a tool for exploring the world of photography at an affordable price, but this camera is the right choice for beginners. Although there is a temptation to use advanced smartphones to make good photographs, but you will be satisfied if you use a "real camera" like the EOS 1300D. For comparison, you can compare it with the Nikon D3300 or Sony Alpha series, even Samsung NX series. Decision certainly is in your hands.